It was such a complete pleasure working with you, from beginning to end. You are 100%+ professional and you are meticulous in your work. You did a fantastic job on all the proofing and on the index, and I’m really grateful. Thank you!!

-Dr. Gail Gazelle, author of Mindful MD

Maggie and I worked together at Think Research in 2015-2016. I was part of the tech team and she lead the documentation team. I relied heavily on Maggie’s expertise with the product and subject domain and her deep knowledge of customer needs. She communicated regularly with clients and tailored her approach to each stakeholder – helping me get answers for my team. Maggie is solid. She’s conscientious and reliable and a joy to work with.

-Anna K.

Maggie was able to complete a thorough index on rush and asked relevant queries to ensure length of index was appropriate; diligent in noting inconsistencies/errors in the layout and provided on marked up PDF as requested.


It’s my pleasure to recommend Maggie. We worked together as lead editors at a publishing startup in Berlin. There, Maggie’s exceptional organizational skills, keen eye for detail, and kind, diplomatic nature were appreciated by everyone on the team. Having been in publishing for 18 years now, I can confidently say it’s rare to come across someone who is so
dedicated to detail while still being open-minded and an excellent team player. Maggie is all three. She often referenced and applied processes—for example, for version control—that she had learned while completing her MA in Library Studies. Without these things in place, I believe it would have been nearly impossible to scale up our production to the levels we reached.

-Dana K.

Academic Accolades

Once, many years ago on an academic paper I wrote in 4th year undergrad, my professor wrote: “An excellent & wholly convincing essay. Well-written, well-organized & completely persuasive. Exceptionally well done & a pleasure to read.”

This is significant praise, considering his review of my first draft (which I thankfully sent before handing in the final essay) was as follows:

“On the second page you show signs of being able to write coherent, grammatical and effectively phrased English, a most welcome change from the first page. I suggest you rewrite the whole essay in the light of my comments on the first page. Your critical ideas seem interesting and valuable; if you would only express them in standard English you would likely get a very good mark for this essay.” – Prof. Peter Allen.

100% devastating, 100% hilarious, 100% motivating.